Dog Walking

15 Minutes
  • Dog Walking Only

Pet Care

30 Minutes
  • Feed, Water, Clean Litterbox & Cage, Give Medications & Etc

Extended Pet Care

1 Hour
  • We charge by “the time”…Not the number of pets!  One hour care can consist of:  Feed, Fresh Water, Play Time, Brushing, Clean Cage/Litter Box/Stalls, Give Medications, Longe/Exercise Horse, Feed Cattle, and much more.

“This is My Full-Time Job”

Initial Meeting – FREE 

Please reserve time for your Initial Meeting at least several days before services begin.  This will allow me to meet you and your pet(s), discuss the process, and answer any questions you may have.  I will collect the keys and completed paperwork at this visit.  If services are for 4 days or longer, then 25% “non refundable” down payment is required at time of the initial meeting.

Key Pick Up / Return:  $8  (If you do not want to keep your key on file)

Dog Walking ONLY:  15 minutes – $15
Don’t have time to drive home on your lunch break to let your dog out?  Call me!

Pet Sitter, Pet Care:  30 minutes/visit – $20
If you have a cat, bird, dog, etc that just needs me to “Peek In” on them to be sure they are healthy and safe, give food and fresh water, walk, clean litter box/cage, etc…this can be accomplished in 30 minutes.

Pet Sitter, Pet Care:  1 hour/visit – $30
This is a money saver if you have multiple pets, horses, cattle, etc.  Includes:  Feeding, Fresh Water, Walking, Play Time, Brushing, Horse Grooming, Clean Dog Cages/Kitty Litter Boxes/Horse Stalls, Give Rx/Injections per your Veterinarian, Longe/Exercise Horse, Feed Cattle, and much more.

Day Pet Sitting, Utility/Repair Waiting Service:  $30/first hour, $10/each additional 30 minutes.  Want to go snow skiing or hiking for the day?  Need someone at your home to wait for the utility man, repair man, etc?  Call me!

Pet Taxi, Run Errands For You:  1 hour – $30
Leave a detailed list and I will pick up your Groceries, Mail, Rx Prescriptions, Cleaners, Take your trash to the dump, Take your pet to the veterinarian/groomer, and much more.