“The Maranatha Pet Waste Removal Crew”

We all know that “Doo” stinks and it’s not pleasant to deal with!  Maranatha Pet and Home Sitting offers affordable pet waste removal service.  We offer weekly and bi-monthly scooping service.  Pet waste left in your yard can have some negative effects:

  • Contains high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Pet waste can kill your grass and make it turn yellow
  • Doo can degrade the water quality if it gets into the water supply
  • Poop attracts flies and other pests
  • Many harmful parasites are transmitted through animal “doo”:  round worms, tape worms, giardia, hook worms, and many more
  • It can be tracked into your home and vehicles

It’s time to take back your yard!  With regularly scheduled cleanings, you will be able to enjoy a clean yard and be worry free all year long!


Flat Rate Monthly Pricing:

Dogs 1X Per Week 1X Every Other Week
1 $51
Avg. 11.76/Clean Up
Avg. $18.92/Clean Up
2 $63
Avg. $14.53/Clean Up
Avg. $23.07/Clean Up
3 $75
Avg. $17.30/Clean Up
Avg. $29.07/Clean Up
4 $87
Avg. $20.00/Clean Up
Not Recommended



Initial or One Time Cleaning:

A one-time fee of $35 will be charged (please add $5 for each additional dog) for our first visit to your property. It takes longer the first time around. Then the fees listed above will prevail for a regular maintenance schedule. If your yard does not require an initial cleaning, we will count your first visit as a normal cleaning.

When bad weather interferes with our schedule, there is no extra charge to you. We will get there as soon as we can.

If a gate is locked or an unfriendly animal is loose in the yard, we can not perform our poop scooping service. For our own safety, we do not jump gates nor associate with unfriendly pets. If we are unable to perform our pet waste removal service due to these two conditions, we must charge for the visit not completed as we made the trip to your residence. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.

Why Use Our “Doo” Service?

  • Flat rate monthly pricing
  • You can set us up on auto pay
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • We are Bonded & Insured
  • Animal loving staff!
  • Locally owned & operated
  • Tools sanitized after each home 
  • We us biodegradable doo bags
  • Always professional & reliable
  • Door hanger will be left after each visit

We Do One-Time Cleanings!

Call (406) 407-4276 to Schedule